How can I maximize my fuel economy?

There are several ways you can maximize your fuel economy:

  1. Accelerate slowly and smoothly. Maintain cruising speeds with a constant accelerator position.
  2. Use your cruise control when conditions permit.
  3. Drive at moderate speeds on the highway. Driving at high speed lowers fuel economy.
  4. Avoid unnecessary stopping and braking. Maintain a safe distance behind other vehicles.
  5. Use a proper gear range which suits road conditions. On level roads, shift into high gear as soon as possible
  6. Avoid unnecessary engine idling. In colder weather, try to avoid excessive idling during warm-up
  7. Keep your engine tuned up. Follow the recommended periodic maintenance schedule.
  8. Keep the tires properly inflated to manufacturer’s recommendations. Low tire pressure increases tire wear and lowers fuel economy.
  9. Keep the wheels in correct alignment. Improper alignment increases tire wear and lowers fuel economy.
  10. Use the air conditioner only when necessary. Air conditioner operation lowers fuel economy.
  11. When cruising at highway speeds, drive with your window closed. It is more economical to use the air conditioner and leave the windows closed to reduce drag. Even with the air conditioner running, the fuel savings are significant.
  12. Use the recommended viscosity engine oil. Refer to the Owner’s Manual (“Section 9: ‘Capacities and Recommended Fuel/Lubricants’ “)