Car Seat Installation

We take your child’s safety very seriously.  95% of the seats that we see are installed incorrectly.  Leave it to the professionals to make sure that your child is safe in your car.  We’re providing St. John’s Ambulance Child Seat installation technicians on site to ensure your child is properly secured.

If you purchased or serviced your vehicle at Sherway Nissan within the last 12 months, you can receive a complimentary car seat installation, free of charge!

If you have not purchased or serviced your vehicle at Sherway Nissan, receive a complimentary car seat installation when you purchase a valid $100 Sherway Nissan Parts and Service gift card.

1) I don’t drive a Nissan, will you still install or inspect the seat?  
Yes, you can still purchase the $100 gift card for any make or any model vehicle.  That gift card can be used for any future service including oil changes and car detailing.  The gift cards do not expire and you can transfer them to anyone. It’s just like cash at Sherway Nissan and can be used in our service department, parts department and even in our sales department.
2) Does it cost anything to have my car inspected?
No, inspection is free! However, if you do require an adjustment and would like us to do it, we will require you to purchase a $100 gift card.
3) If I don’t want a gift card, how much is the installation?
Our installation is $50 including taxes, the best value comes with the $100 gift card.
4) Why do you charge money when I can get it installed at the fire department or police station for free?
We are not actually charging money, as the $100 gift card goes 100% towards your next service.  While you may go to the police station and/or fire station, not all locations offer this service. We get many referrals from the local police and fire stations to come to Sherway Nissan.  You can go to the St. John’s Ambulance location in Peel, but there are limited spots and limited days that offer these services.
5) I have two baby seats, how much is that?
That depends, if it’s two baby seats in one car, then you would have to buy a $150 gift card.  That full amount can be used for a future service.  If you have two baby seats to install into two cars (one in each car) then it would be $100 gift card per car.

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